The CHOICE Scholarship provides its recipient with the necessary financial support to pursue a four-year college education but coupled with the critical intangible support and encouragement that will help the recipient start this next chapter in their life.   We will expose the recipient to various experiences and opportunities that will help shape their professional pursuits and their community service plan.  CHOICE will work with the recipient to ensure they have a foundation that will allow for a positive trajectory for both educational and personal  development.
The CHOICE Scholarship is a full-ride four-year scholarship to any Colorado public accredited college or university.  The Scholarship covers all or part of a student’s required college expenses such as tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and other defined expenses. Ours is a supplemental — or “last dollar” — scholarship, covering the expenses that remain after all other scholarships and financial aid have been applied.
While financial need is a necessary component for Scholarship eligibility, CHOICE emphasizes commitment to community.   Our Scholarship is based upon a student’s demonstrated community service as well as their ongoing dedication to pay it forward and pave the way for those that will follow. The recipient must create an annual community service plan and must also meet all of the requirements and expectations attendant with the Scholarship.   Integrity and character are of paramount importance and each recipient agrees to abide by the CHOICE code of conduct.

High school seniors from Colorado public high schools are eligible to apply for the CHOICE scholarship.