20 May
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Inaugural Scholarship Recipient Completes First Semester at CSU

We are proud to announce that our inaugural scholarship recipient successfully completed her first semester at Colorado State University.  Here is what she had to say about how the CHOICE scholarship has affected her life thus far:

It is a blessing to not have to worry about loans or the debt I will have when I get out of college. CHOICE has honestly made me a better person in many ways. You gave me the CHOICE scholarship because you believe that I can help make this world a better place. I know I can, and every day I believe it a little more and more as God opens my eyes to see that what I am living through is true and I must make a change!!! So many people wish they had the opportunity to go to school for an education and here I am working my way up towards that goal! The volunteering aspect of the scholarship has also impacted me a lot. During my Christmas break I volunteered at the Denver Rescue Mission serving food to the homeless. It helps me dream big to one day have an organization such as CHOICE or the Denver Rescue Mission that are a huge help to the community in many ways. CHOICE is definitely helping me dream big and set high goals for my life that I definitely want to start walking towards here at CSU. Volunteering continues to teach me how to be more generous, it is helping me grow into a better person, and it gives me and the ones receiving help, hope! Thanks for everything.



2013 CHOICE Inaugural Scholarship Recipient

Colorado State University Freshman