20 May
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Inaugural Recipient Graduates CSU!

It is our honor to announce that CHOICE Education Foundation’s inaugural scholarship recipient, Alondra Sarmiento graduated on May 12, 2017!

Alondra was awarded the CHOICE Education Foundation full-ride scholarship in 2013. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University’s College of Health and Human Sciences. Her area of study was in food science and human nutrition with a minor in Spanish.

During her time at CSU Alondra worked as a lab assistant in the Health Behaviors Lab. Alondra’s favorite part of the practicum was shadowing clients during counseling sessions and she absolutely loved helping out with the Poudre School District Cooking Classes. She states, “I liked how each person was in charge of one recipe and we had the ability to present it how we wanted and we had the option to modify any ingredients in it if necessary.” She also states, “the practicum gave us many opportunities to put into practice the knowledge we have acquired throughout our academic career.” Alondra liked being able to practice her presentation skills!

Alondra also participated in many community service programs, which is one of the requirements for a CHOICE scholarship. She volunteered at CSU as a nutrition aid for the Early Childhood Center, the refueling station, and the bakeshop. She also volunteered at the Denver Rescue Mission and the Bannock Youth Center.

Alondra’s long term goal is to become a Registered Dietitian and practice clinical nutrition.

The CHOICE Education Foundation board members are beyond thrilled with Alondra’s academic and personal success and wish her the best in the future!