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Fall 2015 Update From Alondra Sarmiento

The year 2015 at CSU went really well! I have more of a grip on my study skills and time management skills. Now that I am a junior, I am finally getting to learn a lot more about what nutrition really is. This semester I took FSHN 350 (Food Science and Human Nutrition 350), which is the first “real” nutrition class. It was the most challenging class this semester for me because it’s a course that contains physiology, chemistry, and biology concepts connected with nutrition, it was challenging to put the pieces together. That class made me realize how much depth there is to nutrition and it only gets harder from here (or so I have heard). Despite the challenge these courses bring, they are very interesting; I am looking forward to my new schedule next semester!
This semester I also took the practicum course FSHN386a, with that course certain number of volunteer hours had to be completed around foodservice operation systems. I volunteered at the Early Childhood Center as a nutrition volunteer, preparing the kids’ snacks. I volunteered at the CSU refueling station (where CSU athletes get there snacks from after their workouts) and I volunteered at the CSU bakeshop. This course helped me get real life experience about what it might mean to be a registered dietician. A lot of management skills are needed for that type of career, which is something I need to work on and build on my resume before graduation.

Everything is going well and smooth. I’m definitely keeping busy with school, work, and social life! It’s crazy that I am about to start my last semester as a junior, then I will be onto my senior year. Time flies when you are having fun; I continue to see CSU and Fort Collins as a second home and I am enjoying every second of my journey there. Thanks for all your continued support! I miss you all, and I hope to see you all soon!

– Alondra Sarmiento