Congratulations to the 2015 Scholarship Recipient, Iris Calderon Soto!

This is the very first video I produced/filmed/edited while I was in the film program at Warren Tech High School. The assignment was to create an application video (in place of an application essay) that would let an admissions counselor know my story and why I should be admitted to their school. This was the fall of 2014, the start of my senior year. I had become disillusioned with the idea of college, as my legal status had created so many barriers, and after working so hard all throughout high school I thought my efforts and sacrifices had been in vain. I was skeptical to even include all this in my video, I was always scared of letting people know in fear that they would view and treat me differently. But I had to tell my story. I remember we had to watch our videos in front of the class and give each other feedback. I was terrified, I didn’t even want to show up to class that day. But I did and everyone was supportive and commended me for coming out and sharing my struggle.

CHOICE has made my dream of going to college a reality. They, much like my classmates, have been nothing but supportive and overlooked my situation when others wouldn’t. I am forever indebted to this organization. Thanks to CHOICE I can not only make my dreams a reality, but I can inspire others who went through similar struggles and obstacles.

Much Love and thanks,
Iris Calderon Soto