Welcome to CHOICE!

The CHOICE mission is to empower students from low-income households who are dedicated to making meaningful contributions to their communities.  CHOICE does this by awarding full-ride scholarships to Colorado high school seniors to attend a Colorado public college, university, or vocational school.

CHOICE will strive to identify and amplify certain core characteristics for each scholarship recipient and then provide them with a stronger set of tools to forge their path based upon the following touchstones:

  • C – Character (Recognize character as demonstrated by the student’s history);
  • H – Hope (Provide hope to students that do not foresee higher education as a viable option);
  • O – Opportunity (Enhance the opportunity for students to pursue their educational dreams);
  • I  –  Integrity (Promote personal, academic and professional integrity);
  • C – Confidence (Help build each student’s confidence and self-worth); and
  • E – Empowerment (Allow students to find empowerment for the benefit of self, family and community).

Higher education provides unending opportunities that will allow a young person to design their own path in life.  A child’s ability to pursue a higher education should not be a luxury or an unrealistic goal.

Your support will enable CHOICE to empower our recipients, their families and their communities.  Please help CHOICE allow deserving young people to be more than they dreamed possible, to impact their communities and to change future generations.  Help CHOICE effectuate change one dream at a time.

CHOICE guarantees that 100% of your donations will be used solely to fund our scholarships.  This is only possible because the board of directors generously commits to donate their personal resources to cover 100% of administrative expenses for the organization.